Sweatshop – your new addiction

Forget everything you think you know about gyms and trainings and let yourself indulge in a whole new healthy world- the world of Sweatshop. Here every workout is different, challenging, and gives you a sense of satisfaction unlike anything you felt before (wait until you get to your first “finish”). Our method is unique, and based on the personal advancement of each women, according to her abilities and needs. Our trainers are not only the best in the field, but they are also consultants, coachers, and friends. Our classes consist of women only, held in small groups of Ninjas just like you, that will challenge you to your limit, and then some more. And yes, even if you’re pregnant or after having given birth! So, what are you waiting for? Become one of our Sweatshop Girls now and get ready to surprise yourself!

Sweatshop branches

You can find us in one of our 2 branches in Tel Aviv

Frug 9, right next to Dizengoff Square, central Tel Aviv

Eliyahu Beit Zuri 15, right next to Shuster Center, north Tel Aviv

Are you ready to become a Ninja?

Today can be your first day of your life a genuine Ninja – toady could be the day that you join our Sweatshop family!
From your first workout you’ll see, but mostly feel, the change: it’s not just another day at the gym. It’s a whole new lifestyle! We are here to change everything you know from past trainings, to open your mind to different approaches, to make sure you work according to your ability and personal progress pace, to challenge you on each and every lesson, to verify that you work on all of your muscles, to provide you a feminine empowering environment, one that will take you to the edge and always will be there by your side, and to help you develop good posture, good habits, self-confidence and self-efficacy. After all, that’s what a real ninja deserves!